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Brand(s): Suhagra
Manufacturer: Cipla
Suhagra is a cheaper counterpart of Viagra - the world's most popular drug for treating Drectile Dysfunction (ED).


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Suhagra is a cheaper counterpart of Viagra - the world's most popular drug for treating Erectile Dysfunction. The active ingredient of Suhagra is Sildenafil, which causes the blood flow to the penis and provides a powerful erection that lasts during the sexual act. Full sexual intercourse has a positive effect on the psychological state of a man. Man gets confidence! Suhagra is effective after 30 - 40 minutes of application.

Suhagra pills

Suhagra is suitable for all men who want to enhance or restore the potency and get vivid sex life. The drug is a very good option from our online pharmacy. The recommended dose is 50mg for beginners; this means that one tablet will be enough for 2 times.

We don’t recommend using the drug more than once a day. For men over 70 years the recommended daily dose is 50mg (half of tablet). It is important to remember that the use of alcohol or fatty foods can weaken the effect of the drug. If this drug doesn’t fit you - buy Viagra Super Active.

All drugs of this group have minimal side effects if you take them correctly. Remember that cheap tablets can be as effective as the expensive brands!

We recommend you to buy levitra 40mg in addition. Before using the pills, consult a doctor!

Zach, 53

This is a good thing – it works as well as Viagra but it is cheaper. People, thanks for this online shop!

Mary, 44

If you think that penis problems don’t bother women – then you are so wrong. But I forgot about them after my bf bought Suhagra.

Clyde, 50

It seemed that it thinks as Viagra…I saw no difference between it and Suhagra.

Linda Hill, 27

I asked my husband to consider taking the pills after he told he has problems…Now he says that I was right)) This is nice he’s happy now.

Samantha, 71

My younger man uses this analog of Viagra and says that there is almost no difference between them.

Taylor, 26

I always thought that I cannot have potency problems at my age…but I fixed them quickly with this tabs.

Trish, 34

I am really so much happy that there is cheaper analog of Viagra – it is good for our budget and sexual life!

Cory, 61

I did not believe that this thing can help me…but it helped and I feel really so happy. My penis can be hard again!


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